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Inclusive Public Art Project

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The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina (AMEXCAN) in collaboration with Sally Jacobs are pleased to announce they are the recipients of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Inclusive Public Art grant. 


This grant worth a total of $50,000 was awarded on behalf of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to create an inclusive public work of art. The public artwork will lift up the story of a large, marginalized group: the Latino migrant farmworker community. The public work of art will take shape as a sculpture. The foundation of the sculpture will be a repurposed school bus. This mobile and living bus sculpture will tell the Latino migrant workers’ stories through multiple mediums.

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We thank you for participating in the Inclusive Public Art Project. The project’s proposal is to use a school bus as the foundation for a sculpture that will provide a narrative for the east coast migrant farmworker. At the Pitt Community College event, we had over 60 participants sign in, provide input on the survey, and interact with the maquette! Out of all three events in February, we had over 120 participants. This strong show of support has provided us the needed community input to help Sally Jacobs finalize the project proposal. We will keep you up-to-date as new successes come!

Here are some results from our events. We should hear if we will receive the full funding from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation grant sometime in May, 2019. Let's all keep a focused, positive energy! For now, you can review the great successes we already have achieved!

Pitt County Commissioners Meeting:

It's a "YES" Vote!

Sally Jacobs

Creative Art Director

Artist, Sally Jacobs: Study of Migrants Working in Sweet Potato Field, Egg Tempera on Panel, 9" x 12"

Sally Jacobs was inspired by her role as Creative Art Dirctor to create The Migrant Series “Landscape Portraits". The series includes drawings and paintings. Jacobs work explores issues such as identity, race, borders, labor control, neo-liberalism and isolation. 

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