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Sally Jacobs (executive creative director) Lecturer at Belmont Abbey College. She received her MFA in visual arts from Western Carolina University and her BFA from the University of Cincinnati. Jacobs’ work is represented at Prince Street Gallery, NYC. She worked as a set designer in the major motion picture industries on projects such as Die Hard with a Vengeance, Ace Ventura, and Last Dance. She lived for 8 years in Florence, Italy where her work was exhibited at Gruppo Donatello Gallery. While in Italy, she was the recipient of the Premio Prize from Leo Fortham studios. Sally Jacobs artwork can be viewed at  She is co-founder of Quickbloom Production, LLC

Scott Temple (co-director, principle photographer, editor, and researcher) Instructor of English and Humanities at Pitt Community College. He has a MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and BA in English from Appalachian State University. He has been awarded numerous grants including NC Humanities Large Grant, NC regional artist grants, community college National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship, and Vermont Studio Center. He has walked down the Appalachian trail, through the canyon lands, stood on snow peaks of the Rockies, mountain biked the pacific Northwest and lived in a teepee for 4 years in Boone, NC. He has a love for nature — human nature is his favorite! He is co-founder of Quickbloom Production, LLC

John Lance (sound] has been involved with sound in one form or another since 1975, and is a quick study.  He's run sound for many bands, run sound in large clubs/venues, run sound in corporate environments, and installed many good sounding sound systems.  He's a favorite of musicians because he knows the music belongs to the musician or group sharing it at that moment, and John’s job is to bring THAT out front for an audience to hear.  His latest endeavors include sound for film which necessitates a thorough understanding of the microphones and equipment used in the particular environments in order to capture and achieve sound that a director wants in order to meet a desired result in a film.  The visual and sound aspects of a scene must complement each other for the final product to work.


Vanessa Duran Celis (Translator/interpreter) moved to North Carolina  from El Salvador a few years ago to study. She graduated from Washington High School and just finished her first year of the Health Program at Pitt Community College, Grenville, NC. While in high school, she attended UNCG, as an online duel enrolled student.

Alexis Cooper (social media correspondent) is a nineteen-year old Greenville, North Carolina, native. She currently works at Pitt Community College, where she obtained her Associate in Art, as a Writing Center Consultant in the TASC Tutoring Center. She graduated high school in 2017, having held multiple positions in the Student Government Association and various committees. She is currently dual-enrolled at both Wilson Community College, where she is working towards her Community Spanish Interpreter degree, and at East Carolina University, where she is planning to graduate from with a BS in Communications. 

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